Statistics and Bell Curves

The more tournaments I play, the more the nature of my game starts to show in the stat sheet. I’m glad actually becauseĀ as I’ve progressed I’ve had some great rounds – personal best rounds in tournaments. I’ve also had some of the worst rounds I’ve ever thrown in tournaments – and it’s actually easier to just forget about them because I know where I sit on a bell curve. Some highs, some lows and a bunch of average rounds in between.

After the Boulder Bash I won again at the Shiprock Shootout and then again at the Akron Summer Classic. Those two were fun tournaments for me and I played loose, winning in the age protected Advanced Masters division. So naturally when I checked in at the Battle of the Bluff I decided to register in the Advanced division. There wasn’t anyone signed up for Adv. Masters anyway so I figured I’d go Advanced. I uh, did not do very well. Two of my lowest rated rounds ever, and a DFL in the tourney. Oh well, it’s a bell curve. It was a low point, I should bounce right back. I’m headed to Wisconsin for Am Worlds in a couple weeks, as long as I play loose and have fun I’ll do fine.


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