Quick bit about myself

IMG_5497Back in 2013 a friend of mine finally convinced me to come play disc golf. I figured I might be o.k. at this disc golf thing since I was pretty good with a frisbee, so I bought a set of starter ¬†discs and headed out to the course. What I stepped into that day is pretty amazing. Disc Golf puts together a lot of the things I love. I enjoy being outside, being active, spending a lot of time laughing with my friends and family. It’s as competitive as you choose to make it. Play for fun, play for bragging rights, play to beat your personal best, play to win a tournament – all excellent reasons to get out and play.

As time has gone by I’m more engaged than I ever expected. ¬†Disc golfing casually with friends turned into joining a league, playing multiple tournaments in a season, playing in three Amateur World Championships and finally turning Pro at the ripe age of 50. I’ve learned so much about the sport, the types of events, the variety of courses, and a whole lot about the people who play the game and it’s history. I’m also a board member for the Carlisle Coyotes and help run events and maintain the course at Coyote Hills DGC. I figured I should take some notes, take some pictures and document some of this journey, it’s been awesome so far!