A Day to Remember

I had a month off to regroup from the drubbing I took at Iron Hill/South Hills. Things in my own life kept me from over-practicing this time, my Mom passed away the week before my next scheduled event. She was my biggest supporter and if I remember correctly gave me the money to register for the Boulder Bash. She loved to see me out competing and having fun so when event day came I went with a heavy heart but I was looking forward to a day outside with some friends.  IMG_2921The day was absolutely incredible. When I got to the park, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was just starting to warm up the cool air over the lake. There was no wind and the lake was like glass. There were a pair of hot air balloons at the park practicing landing and popping up out of the lake. It was kind of surreal.

As people started filing in I got a chance to catch up with some friends, a few of them know me well enough to know my Mom, they knew what I was going through and were happy that I was able to come out.

The first round was good, I tied my personal best score on the course which was good enough to put me on the top of the lead card. Actually the scores were all really close after the first round at Boulder Woods. The deciding round would be played across the lake on the Quakers Challenge course. The Quake as it is affectionately known is a big old kick in the junk style course. Physically demanding, it will make you question your sanity if you’re not throwing well. Anyway, round two was a tough fight. I thought maybe The Quake would take it’s toll and start spreading out our scores a little bit but it didn’t break down that way. The guys on my card all played really well and we traded the lead back and forth a couple times. By the time we got to the last tee I had lost the lead and was one throw behind. Then things broke my way, the guy ahead of me took a six, I threw a four. Got him by one, stinkin’ throw on the final hole of the day. Then we headed back to tournament central to wait for the rest of the scores to come it. I tried not to hover around the directors table but I couldn’t help it. When the last card came in I realized I’d held on for the win. Whoo Hoo!

I was a little overwhelmed after the awards were given out. All I could think was, “Thanks Mom”.


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