I’m officially official.

I passed my PDGA Certified Official’s exam this weekend – not a big deal really since it’s open book.  Not a tough exam but it did clarify a couple small things for me which is cool. Passing the exam is required if you want to participate in National Tour events or A-Tier events.  Thus far I’ve only played B and C-Tier events but will be looking at entering two or three A-Tiers in 2016.

IMG_2282In other news, I finished second in one of my Tag Leagues this year narrowly beating some really talented players. I played a pair of ‘Personal Best’ rounds at the tag league Finale which felt pretty damn good. Finishing the year on a high note certainly helps my confidence going into next year looking at getting into the A-Tier events. I’m in one other league which will hold it’s Finale on Nov. 22nd so I still have a little work to do. Hoping I have a decent finish in that league as well, we’ll see.  I think the final tag assignments are handicapped in that league so I’ll just need to beat my averages to finish strong.


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