One of those things

Today I played the front nine at Creekside with a fella from Texas named Ben. One of the cool things about disc golf is that when you travel you can always ask the locals if you can play a round with them. Today I started talking to Ben in the parking lot and we decided to play the front nine together. Ben is a Grand Masters level player (over 50) and has played over 300 courses. Always interesting to hear what people think of our courses from an unbiased but experienced perspective. Anyway, he was wheeling one of those carts with the small bike wheels and he casually mentions, “I was up here playing maybe a week ago and the wheel on my cart just fell off! Weird, it’s held in by a cotter pin so it shouldn’t just fall off.  Anyway, I never found the pin and now I have piece of string holding it there.” I laughed for a second and I said, “Ben, I was playing here last week and I found a cotter pin laying in the middle of the foot bridge over on hole 4. I clipped it to a piece of metal at the end – lets see if it’s still there!” Yup sure enough, still there. Just one of those things, the guy that lost the pin and the guy that found it just happened to show up at the same time to play a round together – and bring up the pin in conversation. Oh, and just because it was a strange Sunday it started raining which turned into rain and hail with a few snow flakes mixed in for good luck. I had to wipe a wintery mix from my disc for the first time since April.

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