Am Worlds 2018

Good news, I’ve earned enough points for an invite to Am Worlds 2018 in Charlotte North Carolina. More on that later….but for now:

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PDGA Amateur World Championships 2016

Am Worlds as we call it is an annual high note of the disc golf season. The sisters and brothers of the sport gather for an event aimed squarely at the new and up-coming generations of disc golfers. Certainly disc golf has grown across all demographics in the past 5 Р10 years and Masters aged players like myself are turing out in droves to local events, but the real growth is with the 25 and under crowd. Continue reading

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Statistics and Bell Curves

The more tournaments I play, the more the nature of my game starts to show in the stat sheet. I’m glad actually because¬†as I’ve progressed I’ve had some great rounds – personal best rounds in tournaments. I’ve also had some of the worst rounds I’ve ever thrown in tournaments – and it’s actually easier to just forget about them because I know where I sit on a bell curve. Some highs, some lows and a bunch of average rounds in between. Continue reading

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