A Day to Remember

I had a month off to regroup from the drubbing I took at Iron Hill/South Hills. Things in my own life kept me from over-practicing this time, my Mom passed away the week before my next scheduled event. She was my biggest supporter and if I remember correctly gave me the money to register for the Boulder Bash. She loved to see me out competing and having fun so when event day came I went with a heavy heart but I was looking forward to a day outside with some friends.  Continue reading

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Season Openers

The Ice bowls are behind us and the weather turned really nice, really fast. Just in time for my first two tournaments of the year! I was pretty excited for the warm days and sunshine…maybe a little too excited. I practiced putting, I practiced over-hand shots, I practiced my local courses a bunch. Preparation is key, however the one thing I neglected was rest.  Continue reading

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An Ace and an Ice Bowl

I hit my second career Ace (hole-in-one) at the Ice Bowl on Saturday! Coyote Hills in Carlisle PA, #7. In the few years I’ve been playing I’ve only hit two, both in the last four months and both at a tournament. Its fun to have a course full of players around, when everybody hears that extra-loud CHING! followed by some shouting its pretty obvious what just happened. Gets you pumped up. Anyway I paid my $2 to be in the Ace Pot before the tournament so I won some cash and since it was for charity the pot got split 50/50 so I actually raised a bit more money for the Project Share donation that way. Doing well by doing good indeed.

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